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Thursday, March 18, 2010

sicp exercise 3.42

;; Exercise 3.42.  Ben Bitdiddle suggests that it's a waste of time to create a new serialized procedure in response to every withdraw and deposit message. He says that make-account could be changed so that the calls to protected are done outside the dispatch procedure. That is, an account would return the same serialized procedure (which was created at the same time as the account) each time it is asked for a withdrawal procedure.

(define (make-account balance)
  (define (withdraw amount)
    (if (>= balance amount)
        (begin (set! balance (- balance amount))
        "Insufficient funds"))
  (define (deposit amount)
    (set! balance (+ balance amount))
  (let ((protected (make-serializer)))
    (let ((protected-withdraw (protected withdraw))
          (protected-deposit (protected deposit)))
      (define (dispatch m)
        (cond ((eq? m 'withdraw) protected-withdraw)
              ((eq? m 'deposit) protected-deposit)
              ((eq? m 'balance) balance)
              (else (error "Unknown request -- MAKE-ACCOUNT"

;; Is this a safe change to make? In particular, is there any difference in what concurrency is allowed by these two versions of make-account ?

;; Ans:

;; Yes, this is a safe change to make. There is no difference in concurrency in two versions.

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